9 days down

We've already had some set-backs! The big one being that our camera broke. :( So, we are trying to get creative on what to do about that. (who wants to read a blog with no pictures?)

Also - we are thinking about possibly moving. Which would require a little addendum to the original rules.

I did have fun buying a gift. Flowers.com was not an option. So, at Goodwill, I found great books for $1 each. :) They also had greeting cards, 10 for a $1.

I am also discovering some weaknesses in our plan.
1. 7-11 french vanilla cappuccinos. At $1.61, it doesn't sound like much. But that is almost $600 a year. And it's within walking distance.
2. Keeping bananas in stock. It's a very popular breakfast and snack item around here.
3. Sick kid and husband. No one wants fruits and veggies when they don't feel well. What did they do in the pre-saltine days?
4. Remembering to get cash from the atm. It sounds so easy, yet I'm having trouble remembering to do it, then end up using the check card.

Hopefully, we'll get the kinks worked out soon!


Helen said...

Broken camera? That sucks, sorry!

Dawn Endres said...

Sorry about your broke camera! I feel ya. Bananas don't last long around here either.