5 Months Later!

To be fair, things have been a little busy around here. ;)

Our #1 reason for not updating was this pregnancy. I was so sick for several months. The computer made me very dizzy, so even checking email made me nauseated. :)

It was also difficult to stay on any kind of eating plan for several months. For example, there was one solid week where all I ate was toasted bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Every meal. (Except I couldn't look at it while it was being made. Pregnancy makes you so weird.)

Then the week of eggs. Until I threw them up, and then I never wanted to see eggs again.

Anyways, it also caused Brian and ZZ to eat out a lot. Mostly because they didn't want to eat any more chicken, which was the only thing I could stand to smell at dinnertime (my WORST time - mornings actually weren't that bad!).

On the plus side, Brian was pleased with how much weight he lost on his white meat diet. And pregnancy stopped the whole 7-11 cappuccino addiction.

We also have not been great about getting out CASH. It's something we really need to make a priority. We both *want* to do it, but actually getting out to an ATM is not always convenient. So, we still need to work on that.

Other than that, we've been doing really well so far!!

*Brian needed some new clothes for work, and we found an awesome resale store for him! The prices were great - and Get. This. Many of the items still had tags!!

*We were able to buy all of Zac's summer clothes at consignment sales this spring. His size is harder to find, but I tried to hit every sale (I think 6 different ones over the city), so we got everything he needs. They hardly had any shoes in his size, so we will have to buy those somewhere else - but I'll check the kids' resale stores before going retail. He needs some sandals, some flip flops, and new church shoes. He'll probably need some running shoes pretty soon, too.

*I had saved a lot of my maternity clothes and bought any extras I needed at consignment.

*We also got tons of baby girl stuff at consignment, so she's got a nice little layette already.

*We've been eating really well. Minus my Subway cravings that lasted a couple of weeks. But, I still consider Subway to be less BAD than some of the other fast food places!

We had ONE BIG CHEAT when we got a new camera last week. But we felt like this was something we could not wait for until next year - especially with the new baby coming. We are happy with our choice, bought on sale, and bought the low-end of high-end cameras. :) We didn't buy any of the accessories at the camera store. Instead, we found a warehouse that was going out of business. I found a nice camera bag, a camera strap, and a great memory card, all for around $15! Much cheaper than buying retail! (The bag is actually kind of ghetto, but I think that's a great deterrent for camera thieves! :) )

All in all - we are very happy with how we've been doing so far!! We feel very organized and satisfied with our finances and we always know exactly what we have. We'll try to keep this updated better!! :)

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Helen said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Awesome find on the men's clothes!!