Test Run

We went grocery shopping last night, practicing for next week. We tried to stay away from the aisles, and stuck pretty much to the front of the store (fruits/produce).

We tried to start small. At first, we had grand ideas of all the "healthy" things we were going to cook, and our cart was getting full of produce. But - with fresh fruits/veggies - they'll go bad if you don't use them. So, we stopped to discuss what types of meals we would be eating in the next couple of days.

Next time- we need a list. I think since we are using so much "fresh" that we should plan out the meals. I bet I can still use some of my freezer meals, too. I'll have to go through the recipes.

Anyways - the total at Walmart was $111. Then we went to Sams and spend $88. Which is WAAAAY WAAAAY over our budget. Brian says, "We're spending money like we have it." LOL I've heard that the Wednesday circulars can have some good deals. Maybe I'll base our meals on that?

Then we went to Goodwill. We have a NYE party with an 80s theme. We walked in and I sang to Brian, "Welcome to your life..." (it's our theme song...) We did end up finding an AWESOME outfit for Brian to wear at the party. (seriously cannot wait until I see this outfit on him! lolololol!!) And I was looking through the women's stuff and found a brand new pair of running shorts for $1.99. They still had tags!?! I decided that looking through all this stuff (although it made me sneeze and kind of itch a little bit), could bring us some treasures. You just never know. Brian's pretty adamant that this is the only time he'll wear anything from Goodwill. But, my frugalness has rubbed off on him so much already ... who knows? ;)

I get to go back this week and find my outfit. I'm holding out for finger-less lace gloves. Wish me luck.

Then we went to the mall to spend gift cards. That was definitely more fun than Goodwill. ;) And we saw Seven Pounds (with movie gift cards, of course). It was our very first movie together. Brian's not really a movie-guy... more of a rental-guy. Unless we get more gift cards, we probably won't see another one for at least a year. But we have a RedBox down the street - which we enjoy more anyways. Who doesn't like a $1 movie?

We have 3 more days before The Year Without begins. I'm fighting the urge for one last shopping spree!


Helen said...

1st of all... post on DAM, Jen (Jenzo) did an 80s thing last year, she might have stuff you can borrow! :)
On the groceries, I make a strict list when I go the the "normal" store. I went one day & wrote down a summary of what's on each aisle. When I got home I made an Excel sheet that listed each aisle & the things I buy on that aisle. I print it off & highlight each thing I need to buy. I stick to teh items I already picked & I don't have to do a bunch of back-tracking 'cause it's all in order. Just an idea. :)

Dawn Endres said...

Sounds like you have a plan. I can't wait to hear about all the ways you save this coming year. Good luck!