Daniel Diet

One of the things we would like to do as a family is a diet similar to the Daniel Fast. We have been eating out SO SO much lately. It's killing our budget and our favorite place to eat is Italian (can you say carb overload?!??). We can do WITHOUT a lot of the food we currently eat.

It's basically fruits and vegetables, with no sugar or chemicals. Although, we'd like to take the elements of this "fast" and make it more of a lifestyle for us. For our family, we will need to include meat! :)

To include:
All fruits
All veggies
All nuts/seeds
All legumes (canned and dried beans)
All quality oils (olive/canola/peanut oil, etc)
Tofu, soy, vinegar, seasonings, salts, herbs, spices

To avoid:
Refined/Processed food products
Deep fried foods
Solid fats

This is a list that we will stick to at the grocery store. But if we order a pizza now and then - no biggie. And we won't stick to it when we eat out. Especially at our restaurant. :) :) :)

Zac's lunches might have to be creative - and we might have to make a sandwich for him here and there. Otherwise, I think Zac could use a little food *culture* outside the realm of Kraft and Kelloggs.

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